Policy:  To ensure the process that a person will be an active, informed participant in his/ her plan of care, the person will be empowered with certain rights and responsibilities as described in the Person Rights and Responsibilities.  A person may designate someone to act as his/ her person representative.  This representative, on behalf of the person may exercise any of the rights provided by the policies and procedures established by the agency.


All policies are available at all times to the agency personnel, people, and representatives as well as other organization and the interested public to assist with fully understanding the person’s rights and responsibilities.


Person Rights:

The person is informed at admission and annually of:

Confidentiality of all personal and treatment related information.  The right to privacy, security, and respect of property.  The right for protection from abuse, neglect, retaliation, humiliation, and exploitation. The right to access to, review, and obtain copies of pertinent information needed to make decisions regarding treatment in a timely manner.

The rights to informed consent or refusal or expression of choice regarding participation in all aspects of care/ services and planning of care/ services to the extent permitted by law including:  1) Service delivery, 2) Release of Information, 3) Concurrent services, 4) Composition of the service team.  The right to access or referral to legal entities for appropriate representation.  The right to access to self-help and advocacy support services.  The right to investigation and resolution of alleged infringements of rights.  The right to provision of care in the least restrictive environment. The right to adequate and humane care. The right to evidence-based information about alternative treatments, medications, and modalities.  The cost of services that will be billed to his/her insurance(s) and/ or self (verbally and in writing).  The value or purpose of any technical procedure that will be performed, including the benefits, risks, and who will perform the task/ procedure.  The right to protection from the behavioral disruptions of other person served. The right to 24-hour crisis intervention.  The right to equal access to treatment for all persons in need regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or sources of payment. The right to a grievance procedure that includes the rights to: be informed of appeal procedures, initiate appeals, have access to the grievance procedures posted in a conspicuous place, receive a decision in writing, and appeal to an unbiased source.


If any restrictions are placed on a people rights, the clinical supervisor will meet with the person to inform them of any and all restrictions and regularly evaluate the restrictionsand regular evaluate the restrictions placed on the persons served through person interviews, case notes, staffing minutes, incident reports, and any formally filed grievance reports.  Only clinical supervisors are able to make medical/ clinical decisions that will place limits or return the restricted rights and privileges of the persons served.


Person Responsibilities:

Person agrees to meet the following guidelines for successful completion of treatment.

After intake all people will attend all sessions with their assigned staff member who will then set up the treatment schedule. It is required that you arrive on time for all group and individual sessions. Failure to meet scheduled appointments will be defined as non compliance. Participation in any illegal or suspicious activity or acting out, or defacing Coastal Southeastern United Care property, will not be tolerated.  Any threat or act of violence directed toward staff, other people, or visitors to the clinic is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.  Any individual dismissed under these circumstances will be bared from reentry for one (1) year and must have approval from the staff and Executive Director. Selling, giving away or using drugs on Coastal Southeastern United Care’s premises will be defined as non-compliance and will result in an immediate discharge. Stealing from Coastal Southeastern United Care, its staff or other people will result in an immediate discharge. Known or suspected abuse or neglect will be reported immediately.

Spouses, family members or significant others will be permitted to participate in your treatment with your expressed permission and consent.

You are encouraged to discuss with your assigned counselor sexual and/ or physical abused, with expectation of a referral to the most appropriate service provider for assistance. You will be expected to dress appropriately whenever entering Coastal Southeastern United Care.

Coastal Southeastern United Care is not responsible for loss or theft of any personal property. You will be expected to honor the Federal Confidentiality Law.



Policy:  Coastal Southeastern United Care provides a formal method of documenting and reporting any and all person grievances or complaints. It is imperative that people have a means to openly discuss and document issues that are interfering in the recovery process. Coastal Southeastern United Care wants to be informed of any person grievances and will resolve all issues to the best of their ability. Person’s actions will not result in retaliation or barriers to services.



Quality of care, achievement towards goals, and person satisfaction are all essential aspects of effect and efficient treatment.  Our clinical team is required to formally address these issues, verbally or in writing, at the time of assessment and at the end of each 90-day period.  The Clinical Supervisor uses this input to complete the clinical reports and make adjustments to the treatment plan to assure that the goals stated on the treatment plan are the goals of the person served.  People are encouraged to meet directly with the Clinical Supervisor at any time that they feel there is an issue related to quality of care, achievement towards goals, or satisfaction of services.  We will also have people complete a Person Satisfaction Survey at the end of each quarter during their time in treatment.



Coastal Southeastern United Care desires the input of all persons served on the quality of services that are being provided.  Coastal Southeastern United Care provides person satisfaction survey to each person each quarter to provide a means of measuring the quality of services being delivered any suggestions for improvement of services.



Policy:  All information, written and verbal, regarding person care or services is to be treated as confidential information in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines. Coastal Southeastern United Care will adhere to all HIPPA requirements regarding confidentiality of person information. It must be understood, however, that all such information is to be discussed only with those individuals participating in the person’s care and only as necessary to meet an identified need. All Coastal Southeastern United Care employees and contracted staff must at all times be aware of the responsibilities in maintaining person confidentiality. Coastal Southeastern United Care will not release any information, written or otherwise, with a properly executed release of information form.



Policy:  Coastal Southeastern United Care follows all local, state, and federal guidelines related to treatment.  Coastal Southeastern United Cares reviews with the person the facts and risk concerning all treatment procedures including the use of medications.  Persons served are informed that participation in this program in this program is strictly on a voluntary basis.



Coastal Southeastern United Care expects that all service recipients will provide the agency and staff with clear, complete and honest information at all times so the agency can provide the most effective and efficient treatment services possible. Coastal South- eastern United Care demonstrates a commitment to our recipients care and expects that the recipient will work and participate in treatment with an equal amount of dedication. Coastal Southeastern United Care clearly states the agency and program requirements for proper participation to all recipients and their families and expects that each individual will honor their responsibilities to the therapeutic process.



Policy:  It is the policy of Coastal Southeastern United Care to initiate the process of transition planning as early in a person’s treatment as possible. Transition planning will allow individuals to progress to less intensive levels of care within or outside Coastal Southeastern United Care programming. Transition planning will fully involve the individual and will result in a written transition plan when exiting the program. The individual will be contacted after transition or discharge to gather information about their current status to determine whether additional services are needed and to determine the effectiveness of services rendered.



Policy:   Coastal Southeastern United Care will discharge any and all people for the following reasons:

·    Services are no longer needed based on the attainments of goals as identified in the person-centered plan and less intensive level of support is appropriate.

·    Beneficiary moves out of the catchment area.

·    The beneficiary and, if appropriate, the guardian, choose to withdraw from services.

·    The beneficiary has not demonstrated significant improvement.

·    The beneficiary’s behavior has worsened, and more intense level of care is needed.



It is the right of each individual that receives services from Coastal Southeastern United Care to receive information regarding evidence-based information about alternative treatments, medications, and modalities.  In addition, individuals will be informed the value or purpose of any technical procedure that will be performed, including the benefits, risks, and who will perform, including the benefits, risks, and who will perform the task/procedure. 



Services are available on an emergency basis 24 hours a day 7 days perweek with the capacity for 24-hour face-to-face services.



Coastal Southeastern United Care has an after hours crisis number that is monitored by qualified staff. 

Brunswick/ New Hanover County: 910-540-7837

Brunswick County ACTT Only:   910-540-5344

Bladen/Scotland/Robeson/Columbus County:  910-874-6511

Robeson County ACTT Only:  910-740-8373


Coastal Southeastern United Care will have a staff member on the premises at all times to accept referrals and accept persons served during regular business hours.